Medication Benefit Management Redefined

Change Begins with Sav-Rx. Full service Pharmacy Benefit Manager focused on lowest net cost, highest customer satisfaction and full flexibility for our clients and their patients.

Prescription Services
Sav-Rx's Customer Service department responds to calls from customers concerning general information, specific questions concerning the preferred provider networks, the mail service pharmacies, general benefit information and inquiries regarding member- submitted claims. This department offers toll-free assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days year.

All Customer Service Representatives have access to Sav-Rx's on-line system, which enables them to immediately respond to member questions or problems. Members also have access to a pharmacist. If a call is placed after normal business hours, the on-call pharmacist will return the member's call within 90 minutes, however the return call is usually made within 15-20 minutes.

Spanish-speaking staff members are always on duty. In addition, Customer Service utilizes a translation service if a customer needs support in his or her native language and it is not represented among the staff. The service provides a translator for 150 languages.

Sav-Rx Drug Utilization Review
The Sav-Rx utilization review service allows on-line monitoring of every prescription purchased with the Sav-Rx card, even if prescriptions are purchased at different pharmacies. The drug interaction service checks for the following:

Drug to Drug Interactions
Potential drug-to-drug interactions are identified and reported to the dispensing pharmacy on-line as the prescription is filled. Drugs in new prescriptions are compared to previously prescribed drugs the member may be taking, regardless of which pharmacy in the network filled the prescription. If an interaction is detected, a message is sent to the pharmacy alerting them to potential problem. This allows the pharmacist at the dispensing pharmacy to further explore the potential problem with the member and/or physician.
Duplicate Drug Therapy
Sav-Rx reviews new prescriptions, which may duplicate or have similar pharmacological actions to prescriptions already being taken. Duplicate therapy is reported on-line to the dispensing pharmacy.
Sav-Rx identifies drug or drug dosage forms which may be inappropriate for patients in a particular age group.
Early Refill/Overutilization
Sav-Rx checks for an improper frequency on refill prescriptions. Early refills are identified for members who may have used multiple network pharmacies, whether brand or generic drugs were dispensed. The parameters for determining the early window may be set by plan sponsors.
Inadequate or Excessive Dosage
Sav-Rx checks the strength and dosage as reported by the dispensing pharmacy against standard dose parameters.
Drug-Inferred Disease
Sav-Rx compares the apparent disease state of the patient based upon their drug therapy against the drug and dosage form being prescribed.
Sav-Rx identifies members who have been prescribed drugs that normally have gender use restrictions.