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Sav-Rx Prescription Services is a leading national provider of managed care prescription services. Sav-Rx products and services help employers and groups reduce the overall cost of their health care benefit. Sav-Rx is a wholly owned subsidiary of A&A Drug Company Inc., a national pharmaceutical provider founded in 1966. Since its establishment, Sav-Rx has grown to over 11,000,000 members nationwide, providing performance, reliability and innovation to meet the unique requirements of many prescription benefit programs.

All Sav-Rx products stress managed care principles, while recognizing the individual needs of each group and their members. Our flexible pharmaceutical care plans are designed to help employers, unions, affiliated groups and their members exercise greater control over rising prescriptions costs.

The costs of prescription drugs has risen substantially in recent years, leading to increased costs for groups providing prescription drug benefit programs. Sav-Rx, through its affiliation with pharmaceutical manufacturers and large national pharmacy chains, has developed innovative drug benefit plans to allow employers and association groups to control their prescription costs, while continuing to provide a valuable and attractive benefit to their members.

At Sav-Rx, we realize no one plan is right for all groups. Plan sponsors now have the opportunity to choose a Sav-Rx plan or design their own plans to help them control costs. Each plan is carefully coordinated and administered by Sav-Rx to ensure a pharmaceutical care benefit program that meets the challenge of health benefit cost containment. Each Sav-Rx prescription benefit plan offers substantial savings to our members whether they use our extensive nationwide pharmacy network, or our fast, easy to use mail order service.